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Monday, May 3, 2010

TightVNC with AndroidVNC

If your ideal entertainment center includes a pc then congratulations. You are well on your way to affordable entertainment. But if you're like me you have tried a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse only to find it doesn't work from your bed. Not to mention having a mouse falling off the bed and keyboard on your nightstand. Well I had enough. It was time to figure out something better.

TightVNC is a service you can install on your pc. It is also free. Simply google and download the software, install and run it. Get setup and know your pc's IP address.

Now sit back and connect to your Android device with high res touch screen to you WPA Secured wireless network router you should have and download androidVNC (also free) from the marketplace. Install run and connect to your PC. It takes some getting used to but is quite smooth and works well enough to pause and play movies. Zoom in often to avoid clicking something wrong.

I had issues with the connection a bit at first. After a reboot of the pc everything was great. And make sure you connect with 4bpp color. Otherwise it looks like garbage.

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