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Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Cloud Manager" for Netbeans

Working on a side project to help automate server maintenance tasks for various open source distributed services.

Zookeeper, Storm, Accumulo, Hadoop, CentOS are the current software packages I want to manage with this tool.  The reason for providing it as a netbeans platform application is for a few reasons:

  • Java can run on any platform.
  • You don't need to know java to run a netbeans platform application.
  • If you already know java, you can contribute to this application through netbeans.

If you want to contribute code or ideas for the project, you can do so through github.

Currently the tool allows you to add some server nodes, create actions for those nodes, and even assign a UI to the action for easier use.  JAXB is used for marshalling xml.  XSDs were generated against the XML on the Accumulo monitor.

SSH code is integrated.  One can easily deploy Storm topologies with the nimbus node action.

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