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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Export oVirt Image/Template for VMware

oVirt supports exporting your VM or template to multiple formats.  You can find a decent overview of the utility here, [[]]

 QCOW2 (KVM, Xen) - *.qcow2 QED (KVM) - *.qed raw - *.raw (Sometimes no file extension provided) VDI (VirtualBox) - *.vdi VHD (Hyper-V) - *.vpc VMDK (VMware) - *.vmdk

The utility to perform Exports is 'qemu-img' with the sub-command 'convert'

For example, I currently have a VM Template Image in my GlusterFS storage domain.  This storage domain is mounted through the hypervisor "rosie-carreiro", so I first SSH in to the hypervisor, and 'cd' to the path where the RAW template resides.

Using the oVirt admin console, I am able to identify that the template/image has a UUID of, bbb58b82-7252-41e2-9b28-72cbf74d98e4.
There are other CLI tools that allow you to query storage domains and resolve UUIDs to names, however the UI is pretty intuitive for new users.

When you run 'df -h' on an oVirt hypervisor, you can see the mount points used:  399G   25G  374G   7% /rhev/data-center/mnt/       847G  136G  711G  17% /rhev/data-center/mnt/     8.2T  761G  7.4T  10% /rhev/data-center/mnt/                   1.9T   82G  1.8T   5% /rhev/data-center/mnt/glusterSD/

In this case the Template is in the GlusterFS "gv0" volume, so I first 'cd' to /rhev/data-center/mnt/rosie-carreiro... and find the directory with the UUID, bbb58b82-7252-41e2-9b28-72cbf74d98e4.

  [root@devops bbb58b82-7252-41e2-9b28-72cbf74d98e4]# ls -ahlt  total 33G  drwxr-xr-x. 9 36 36 4.0K Aug 25 19:08 ..  drwxr-xr-x. 2 36 36 4.0K Aug 25 13:16 .  -rw-r--r--. 1 36 36  318 Aug 25 13:16 4b66fd92-99a6-4651-8288-24f50fd3596a.meta  -rw-rw----. 1 36 36  40G Aug 25 13:16 4b66fd92-99a6-4651-8288-24f50fd3596a  -rw-rw----. 1 36 36 1.0M Aug 25 12:58

You can also view the metadata which specifies the format and description.

  [root@devops bbb58b82-7252-41e2-9b28-72cbf74d98e4]# cat 4b66fd92-99a6-4651-8288-24f50fd3596a.meta  DOMAIN=8fe3f7f3-15c9-4376-b20e-5e237b31b185  CTIME=1503680317  FORMAT=RAW  DISKTYPE=2  LEGALITY=LEGAL  SIZE=83886080  VOLTYPE=SHARED  DESCRIPTION={"DiskAlias":"Windows7_Disk1","DiskDescription":""}  IMAGE=bbb58b82-7252-41e2-9b28-72cbf74d98e4  PUUID=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000  MTIME=0  POOL_UUID=  TYPE=SPARSE  GEN=0  EOF

You can now export the template/image to your desired format:

  [root@rosie-carreiro bbb58b82-7252-41e2-9b28-72cbf74d98e4]# qemu-img convert -f raw -O vmdk -o adapter_type=lsilogic 4b66fd92-99a6-4651-8288-24f50fd3596a /root/DevImage-1.1.vmdk
Once completed, verify:  [root@rosie-carreiro bbb58b82-7252-41e2-9b28-72cbf74d98e4]# ls -halt /root/DevImage-1.1.vmdk  -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 33G Aug 27 16:58 /root/DevImage-1.1.vmdk

NOTE: adapter_type=lsilogic is important because qemu-img VMDK output defaults to using IDE.  This means that you cannot later extend the size of the disk in VMware, as the option will actually be grayed out/disabled in vSphere.  Use the lsilogic scsi controller format to support extending your disks.

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